God Went Fishing

Author: Dennis Shields
ISBN: 978-1935254287
Publisher: Norlights Press

What is real life anyway, if not hilarious? As a satirical novel with an absurdly comical take on life, morality and such, businessman-turned-actor-turned-author Dennis Shields’ debut novel God Went Fishing proves just that. What happens when God went fishing is no laughing matter. Or is it? God Went Fishing is not only outrageously funny at all times but also shows readers what the world would be like in the event God (hypothetically or even actually) went fishing. To this effect, Shields daringly hints one amusing theory: morality flees out the window the minute God steps aside, giving way to hilarity.

On the whole, God Went Fishing tells the story of a young man named Sigmund and his uproarious adventures often dealing with love, death, deceit, friendship, and betrayal. Having learned that the woman who was thought to be his beloved mother has stolen him from the hospital he was born in leaving behind her real offspring, a distressed Sigmund sets out to rediscover his true identity. Along the journey to find out who he really is, Sigmund encounters oodles of mildly strange to utterly wild characters including Irving the Gangster, Dirty Sanchez the drug dealer and slave trader, Sam the Polish eulogist and Mernie the beautiful nurse-turned-call girl to name just a few.

From what lead to Sigmund’s eighteen good years of life to come to an abrupt end to what happened on the first morning on his own when the people who was believed to be his parents left the country leaving him with no provisions and eventually to his soul-searching, identity-seeking quest, Shields cleverly follows the footsteps of Sigmund taking readers on a laugh-out-loud hilarious journey they will not easily forget. With rapid-fire dialogues and the quick pacing, readers will find themselves turning the pages more speedily than they can keep the count.

A humorous cross between Candide and Family Guy, God Went Fishing guarantees bouts of rib-tickling laughter, more often than not, throwing in nuggets of hilarious wisdom that are absurdly offensive at times. The wacky cast brings in outlandish plot twists with their bizarre views on life and morality, leaving Sigmund – the protagonist – and the readers with nothing but humorous take-aways in the form of the lessons of life and more.

An excellent summer read, laugh away with this tongue-in-cheek fable that should be hailed as both ridiculously funny and outrageously philosophical. Bag it!

Reviewed by Hamdhoon Rashad for Bookpleasures.com