Eat Pray Love

In this inspirational and equally enthralling memoir of her voyage across three different parts of the world in search of balance in life, Elizabeth Gilbert triumphed spectacularly. It is a wise and cleverly written chronicle, with laugh-out-loud funny moments all packaged together neatly for an entertaining read. Gilbert’s witticism rules and will absolutely strike a chord among readers all over the world.

Metaphorically speaking, reading Eat Pray Love is like meditating using a set of japa malas beads that Hindus and Buddhists use during prayers to stay focused. Here’s why. The book is systematically distributed over 108 chapters (the number of beads in japa malas) which is distributed equally over three major parts, each representing her three different destinations (ironically each starting with the letter ‘I’). I must add, if you will, that it is rather an enjoyable sort of “meditation”.

Following a rather exhaustive divorce and a heartbreaking rebound fling, Liz Gilbert finds herself utterly devastated. In other words, more than devastated. In dire need of getting her life back on track by finding the balance in life through discovering and re-evaluating herself, Liz made a life-altering decision.

I stopped trying to choose –Italy? India? or Indonesia? – and eventually just admitted that I wanted to travel to all of them . Four months in each place. A year in total… It wasn’t so much that I wanted to thoroughly explore the countries themselves… It was more that I wanted to thoroughly explore one aspect of myself set against the backdrop of each country… I wanted to explore the art of pleasure in Italy, the art of devotion in India and, in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two. (p.30-31)

Thus marks the beginning of Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey to discover equilibrium and stability from the chaos of her life. In her odyssey of self-discovering, Liz first travels to Italy where she indulges in food. Weight is the least thing on her mind as Liz audaciously treats herself to the irresistible array of pastries in Italy.

In India, she converse with God through prayers and meditations in the confinement of a secluded Ashram. Apart from that, she loves scrubbing the temple floor too. In Indonesia, a toothless, old medicine man helps Liz discover the path to love, and ultimately the meaning of her life. At the end of her journey, she emerges reborn from her broken state.

A gorgeous book of one woman’s search for everything meaningful in life, Eat Pray Love is a surplus of inspiration not only for the fairer sex but to anyone trying to find the balance and order from the chaos of life. Needless to say, women all across the world will be delighted.


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