The Postcard Killers

“She felt with her fingertips for the man’s pulse on his neck and estimated the force of the flow. Then she thrust the stiletto into the man’s left jugular vein. She cut quickly through muscle and ligaments until she heard a soft hiss that told her that his windpipe had been cut.”

Throughout the breathtaking locales across some of Europe’s most beautiful cities including Rome, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Stockholm, The Postcard Killers set out to thrill you with the odd mystery surrounding a number of grisly murders. The exhilarating narrative doesn’t cease to thrill you even for a second with the extremely fast pacing of the story and the taut, succinct chapters that makes it a true gripping page-turner.

A series of gruesome murders have been sweeping across Europe with the culprits at large. Always a step ahead of the police, the only clue the heartless murderers leave behind is a postcard of the crime scene sent to a local newspaper at the time where the murder is going to take place.

Enter NYPD detective Jacob Kanon, on the hunt for the postcard killers who murdered his daughter Kimmy, follows the trail of the killers to Stockholm. With a deep vengeance, Kanon makes it his obsession to find the killers and bring them to justice.

With the help of Swedish reporter, Dessie Larsson, who has been sent the postcard of the murderer’s crime scene in Stockholm, Jacob finds himself trying to put together pieces of the complex puzzle that will – at last – lead him to the notorious Postcard Killers.

James Patterson’s latest collaboration with Swedish crime writer Liza Marklund adds a highly thrilling factor to it that inevitably brings you onboard to solve the puzzle along with NYPD detective Jacob Kanon. The Postcard Killers brims with real excitement, with expert plotting to give you an adrenaline-fuelled, high-octane thriller.

As one would expect from any James Patterson novel, the top-notch narrative and the riveting personalities, The Postcard Killers give you the roller-coast ride of an absorbing murder mystery that you have been yearning for. It is thoroughly readable due to the short, concise writing to guide you through the maze of mystery in your quest to find out the motive of the killers. That’s when the real excitement begins. You close the last page of the book with a sense of contentment, similar to that of getting off an adrenaline-pumping roller-coaster ride.

Hard-core fans of the master of thriller-mysteries will be delighted with this one. James Patterson will once again rock your world!

Reviewed by Hamdhoon Rashad for Author Exposure (September 2010)


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