Keeper of Secrets…Translations of an Incident

Keeper of Secrets… Translations of an Incident by Anjuelle Floyd is a poignant collection of eight enthralling stories laced together, bound by one exclusive incident that will have life-changing impact on each character’s life. The engrossing technique skilfully executed by Floyd to connect one random passionate confrontation and its direct and indirect effect on many who will experience profound meanings in their lives is absolutely riveting.

Dancing Siva
One woman’s remorse for a sin she committed constantly haunts her while she struggles to put the past behind her.

Keeper of Secrets
A woman is bound to her blind husband by her dark secret about a shocking event that jolted her life during childhood.

As Far as I can See…In a Day
A blind woman is torn between the rivalry of her husband and best friend, who were close childhood friends.

The Object of Compassion
An impotent man finds solace in compassion to suppress his anger at the unfairness of life.

The Bridge
A bridge engineer recovering from his fall to death struggles to uncover the truth behind her wife’s detachment from their marriage.

Three Movements
A psychotherapist who counsels the terminally ill is having visions of one recently deceased patient, who guides her sort out the priorities in life.

After the tragic death of his wife, a man tries to move on with his life by making amends at his bitter relationship with his father.

In Baghdad
A veteran army captain comes home to seek forgiveness from his abandoned wife and tries to rekindle their lost love.

Every action has an opposite and equal reaction and so begins the incident that will prompt the individuals in these heart-warming tales to re-evaluate their lives; their reactions to the occurrence both poignant and stirring. The conflicting passions skilfully depicted in each of these stories are exquisitely absorbing. The well-fleshed characters are delicate, vulnerable and all too real that you can immediately feel and identify with them.

Floyd, who has quickly established herself as a remarkable writer, takes us by surprise with her breathtaking prose in each story captivating your heart with the intriguing effect it has when we make decisions with our secrets. I am particularly entranced with The Bridge, which has a truly meaningful take on life that moves you to the core of your existence.

Without a shred of doubt, Keeper of Secrets… Translations of an Incident will appeal to readers from all walks of life as it explores the susceptible human lives in which no one is safe, not even from our own existence.

Floyd successfully manoeuvres an exhilaratingly new spin on the theory of six degrees of separation and the human web in the backdrop of a single event that tugs at your heart hard enough you almost feel the tender aching. A thoroughly enjoyable read from cover to cover that highly deserves a round of applause!

Reviewed by Hamdhoon Rashad for Author Exposure (September 2010)


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