The House

Enclosed with an intriguing plotline that focuses on a devastating family tragedy, The House by Anjuelle Floyd explores a more complicated reality of life. Probing the concepts of regrets and forgiveness on a more deeper level, The House reiterates that real life only comes in shades of gray.

Anna Manning has devoted all her life to her husband Edward and her four children – David, Theo, Linda and Serine – putting their desires and happiness before her own. But now, Anna had had enough. With Edward’s numerous extra-marital affairs and his increasingly detached behavior from Anna and their marriage, Anna decides to end it for good and files for divorce.

Fate has other plans when she learns that Edward is dying of cancer. Anna’s world comes crashing, shattering her in pieces. Abandoning all her future plans, Anna brings Edward home, into the house he had built for Anna and their children, the house which Anna has transformed into a home, the only thing that binds Edward to Anna.

During the course of Edward’s remaining days on earth, Anna struggles to find it in her heart to make amends with her unfaithful husband. In the ensuing drama that unfolds in the house, not only she must confront each of her children, each now leading their own lives with their spouses, but also her lover Inman Hayes.

A smidge of infidelity thrown in, The House deals with utterly believable familial emotions in the wake of the Manning family tragedy. As each character comes to terms with their regrets and sorrows, will they ultimately rise above and succumb to take refuge in forgiveness – the only companion in times of crisis?

With clear, concise writing, at times poetic, Floyd showcases a perceptive portrayal of life’s surprises and the unpredicted bumps along the road in Anna’s life:

“Anna longed for the intimacies she imagined Edward to have experienced with those women. Over time, Anna made the children her focus. She took refuge in the house in which Edward has placed her. The house was her mainstay, heaven on earth encased by the hell of her marriage.”

A work of fine delicacy with accurate details and carefully drawn characters, this is the book for anyone looking for a slice of life’s drama and the twists and surprises it throws our way.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anjuelle Floyd is the author Keeper of Secrets…Translations of an incident. A licensed psychotherapist, she earned a MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Port Townsend, Washington. A mother of three, Anjuelle lives in Oakland California. To learn more about this author, visit

Reviewed by Hamdhoon Rashad for Author Exposure (September 2010)


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