The Winner Stands Alone

In The Winner Stands Alone, highly acclaimed, phenomenal writer Paulo Coelho takes a uniquely different approach delivering an engaging story that offers an insightful display into the astonishing behind-the-scenes life of the Superclass comprising of the incredibly rich and famous. Departing from his usual way of inspirational storytelling, the result is quite invigorating: an eye-opening, rich, and involving novel about wealth, fame, love, and loss.

The ruthless, self-made and extremely wealthy Igor Malev is a man on a mission – to win over the heart of the love of his life, Ewa, who left him for another man. In the glittering universe of the film and fashion world, Igor takes a series of enormously shocking and devastating steps to prove to Ewa that his love for her is as pure and powerful as ever.

One of the major questions explored in this novel is the importance of paying the price for following your dream. Does the winner stand alone? How far are you willing to go to regain a love lost? Is there a limit to such an obsession?

Told just over 24-hour with bold and ambitious characters, this fast-moving page-tuner places the readers in the heart of the breathtaking locales of Cannes, amid the glitz and glamour of Cannes Film Festival where what seems to meet the eyes is just an illusion as  the famous and wealthy converges for their annual rendezvous.

In sum, The Winner Stands Alone most definitely is a stand-alone addition to Coelho’s inspirational novels. It is close-the-last-page-and-look-at-the-world-differently good.


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