The Concubine’s Secret

In this breathtaking sequel to her highly successful debut novel The Russian Concubine, Kate Furnivall enthralls the readers into an intricately woven web of mystery involving a young girl’s dangerous search for her father in Soviet Russia.

Having learned that her father Jens Friis, who was believed to have been killed by the Bolsheviks, is alive and being captive in a prison in Stalin-controlled Russia, the fiery-haired Lydia Ivanova heads to the country she was once forced to flee from in search of her beloved father, leaving her life and love in China.  From the dirty streets of Felanka to the hustle bustle of Moscow in Soviet Russia, Lydia embarks on a precarious journey in search of her father, accompanied by his half-brother Alexei Serov.

The plot takes an unexpected turn when Lydia encounters her Chinese lover Chang An Lo in Moscow. What she finds out in her native Russia is more chilling than anything she could have ever imagined, throwing her into a world of deceit and betrayal, making her worst nightmares come true.

In this politically-charged, romantically-driven thriller of a novel, Furnivall strikes a chord with critics and readers alike with its powerful narrative and unforgettable characters. Set in Russia during Josef Stalin’s communist rule in 1930, Furnivall ambitiously takes readers on a journey to the heart of all the unfolding drama, resurrecting the essence of early twentieth-century Russia and China in vivid, spectacular details.

What strikes you most is the pulse-racing, fast pace of the plot keeping you glued to the narrative. Truly an unputdownable novel that will leave you begging for more.


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