My Legendary Girlfriend

Two men.
Three gorgeous ladies.
A donkey named Sandy.
Basically it’s your classic love hexagon.

Only Mike Gayle could pull-it off. Narrated within 3 days of time-span, we are drawn into the miserable life of Will Kelly – English teacher. Film fan. Pot noodle expert. Ex Boyfriend. Refusing to move on, Will is still hung-up on his legendary girlfriend, Aggi, who dumped him. Three years ago. Ouch! His good-friend Alice, who remembers his birthday, is there for moral support while his best mate Simon never is.

Twist in the tale. Will meets Kate, the previous tenant of his rented flat. Does he move on from The One to An-other One? Hard to say he ever will. Remember? He is still madly in love with his Legendary Girlfriend.


Hilariously told through the eyes of Will Kelly, the protagonist, Mike Gayle’s witty style of writing is refreshingly invigorating. Quite often, almost make you laugh-out-loud. The reality of life experienced by someone who has been dumped couldn’t be more comical as Gayle describes it. An amusing novel for anyone in search of the so-called, true love, anyone who has been dumped or anyone looking for their Legendary Girlfriends (if there is such a thing).

Previously an Agony Uncle, Mike Gayle is a freelance journalist who has contributed to a variety of magazines including FHM, Sunday Times Style, Just Seventeen and Bliss. MY LEGENDARY GlRLFRIEND is his debut novel.


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