Revolutionary Road

Very rarely do we come across a novel so wonderfully crafted such as Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road. The book has left me speechless with wonder as I turned the last page and put down the book. The word-to-word construction of each chapter is one thing. But what steals your heart is the descriptive yet rhythmic flow of life in American suburbia. From the most mundane descriptions to the most peculiar details, Yates shows you the suburban life as you have never seen it before.

At the epicenter of the plot are the two leading characters, Frank and April Wheeler, a young couple who are quite fed up with the dull life in the suburbs and looking for excitement in life. Their longing to be extraordinary takes the couple on a journey that would change their life forever. With perfect poise and clarity, Yates manages to reach out to the inner feelings of the characters as they embark on their life-changing journey battling against everyday life. What follows is betrayal and tragedy.


The heart-wrenching tale continues at its poetic pace, leaving readers bewildered with excitement having no idea whatsoever on what’s coming. A surprising twist here and a tragic incident there. You’d be surprised but before you knew it, you will be reading the last few pages without even realizing it. Trust me.

I’d say this book isn’t for people who are looking for what I would describe as ‘a light-read’. Because of the descriptive nature, the book appears to be somewhat slow at parts but once you get yourself immersed in it you’d be hooked till you read the last page.

As simply one of the best novel I had read so far this year, it is pointless to mention that I adored this book because clearly you would have figured it by now. Highly and utterly recommended!


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