Notes from an exhibition

From author Patrick Gale comes a psychologically perceptive compelling tale about a troubled artist, whose distraught life is more than what it appears to the naked eye. With a beautifully crafted narrative, ‘Notes from an exhibition’ unfolds each chapter with a note from the protagonist’s posthumous retrospective and invites the readers into her troubled life told through many different viewpoints at various intervals in her life.

When renowned artist Rachel Kelly is found dead at her Penzance studio, her husband Antony and four children are not only left with some extraordinary new paintings but a rather shocking mystery on the dark secrets of her past. As the family reunite in the wake of her demise, the search for answers begins. With that, Rachel’s haunting demons re-surfaces with shocking truths that will leave readers gasping with disbelief.


Gale has successfully created a rich and inventive piece of work with art at its center, weaving together a captive storyline with characters almost too real making the story come alive. Not only he has succeeded in reaching the inner worlds of each character but also brings each scattered piece of Rachel’s mysterious life together, shedding light into her dark past. The last few chapters will leave readers clinging for every bit of the details flowing out of Rachel’s unknown life with wide-eyed expressions.

‘Notes from an exhibition’ was the first Patrick Gale novel I have read and it amazes me how he brings a certain glow into the rich narrative, leaving readers like me completely absorbed. I am looking forward to read more of his novels. Recommended!

Patrick Gale’s latest ‘Gentleman’s Relish’ is now out at stores. To learn more about this author, log on to his website


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